Imprisoned is an Unreal Engine 4 survival horror title. Taking place in an abandoned prison, the game tasks you as a rookie ghost hunter desperately trying to escape the vengeful spirit trapped in the facility. The project has spanned just over 3 months as we approach the final stretch of development time.

Interested in trying out the game? The game files are large, but send me an email and I can get you a link to the latest build.

About - Charles Stirens

I'm an avid gamer working towards making awesome new experiences in the Games Industry. My latest work, Imprisoned, is showcased here at Swift M Creations, but you'll find more of my projects at my blog.

Skills & Expertise

Some of my skills include: Maya, Animation, Sound Design, Level Design, Game Design, Java, Objective-C, Swift, C++, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and More.

Check out my Resume for more information.