About Caleb Lacy

About Me

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Name: Caleb Lacy

Location: Whitesboro, Ok

Bio: I started school majoring in engineering. I got my first degree at Carl Albert State College, and then went on to the University of Arkansas. There I majored in biological engineering. I didn't care much for that field and had some friends in computer engineering, that seemed to have way more fun than I was

After some time there, I transfered to Rogers State University and joined the Game Development degree. I was in the first class to graduate with a game development degree from this university. I still return for the bi-semester LAN parties and am still involved with the students now moving through the degree.

I have recently picked up HTML5/CSS3 and am so far enjoying it. In the coursework I have done, I have learned a great deal about differing technologies and there use. Languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, and Android, as well as different engines and libraries, like XNA and UDK.

I prefer writing, modeling, and animating though, and hope to hone my skills in these areas as I move forward and into the industry.