Caleb Lacy


I am finally building my website. It should be done relatively soon. The GDC trip was awesome, I met some wonderful people that served to inspire and encourage me. I hope to able to go again in the future. Seeing the games that awards was really motivating. To see such creativity and hard work pay off with an award like that, makes me want to really make something.

I am going to be working on my portfolio in the coming weeks. I hope to include programming, writing, 3d art and animation, and music. Those are wants anyways. This site can also contribute to that point. I am building in HTML5/CSS3. I know it's bland right now, but that will change soon. I'll be diving back into art, so this webpage will get all my experiments.

Once a solid project comes up I want to look at moving the site away from it's current server and start a small blog and forum. I would also like to have streaming audio/video samples, as well as a place to store any programs I may write.